Broadway Across America Visits JumpStart Theatre School Roberts Academy

When the touring production of The Lion King passed through Cincinnati, Broadway Across America expressed an interest in visiting a local JumpStart Theatre school who was currently rehearsing The Lion King JR. as their spring musical. Roberts Academy was thrilled for the opportunity and invited the cast to attend one of their after-school rehearsals.

After warm introductions, a Q&A session began where Roberts students learned all about work as a professional actor. The actors shared details of how they started in theatre, what school looked like on the road, how their parents felt about their careers, and what they planned to do after their contract had concluded.

Roberts Academy Q & A with The Lion King Performers

Finally, the actors jumped on stage and energetically performed “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” and “The Lioness Hunt.” They distributed The Lion King tote bags, much to the students’ delight, and posed for a few photos before leaving to prepare for that evening’s performance.

Roberts students pose with Mikee Castillo, Richard A. Phillips Jr., and Brilyn Johnston.

Broadway Across America also gave all Cincinnati-region JumpStart Theatre students the opportunity to see the professional production of The Lion King at the Aronoff Center for the Arts, giving many of their students their first look at a Broadway production.

Liberty Bible Academy students attend The Lion King at the Aronoff Center.