In 2019, the International Thespian Society marks the 90th anniversary of its founding with a yearlong celebration of the power of theatre to instill confidence, empathy, and compassion to build better communities.

The ITS 90th anniversary celebration is a chance for all 135,000 current Thespians to show their pride in earning induction and joining a thriving theatre community.

It’s also a shout-out for Thespian alums everywhere to re-engage with a special time in their lives that shaped them into the people they are today.

National, chapter, troupe, and alumni activities throughout the year will spotlight this major milestone.

See the newest ITS milestones with an infographic.

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“Honoring theatre students for 90 years”

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Club 29 Celebrates the ITS 90th Anniversary

Honor Your Theatre Mentor and Tell Your Theatre Story

In celebration of the 1929 founding of the International Thespian Society, Club 29 is an opportunity for all Thespian alums to honor their theatre mentors, tell their own theatre stories, and celebrate excellence and access in school theatre. Club 29 is debuting in 2019 as the Thespian alumni annual giving program.

When you give $29 or more as a Thespian alum, you will be recognized as a Club 29 member, bringing recognition to your mentor and a spotlight to your story.

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